Earth Friendly Baby Product Range

Earth Friendly Baby products aim to enrich parent and baby wellbeing through natural personal care.  The brand philosophy encapsulates sustainability and living in balance with nature.  The products do not contain animal-derived ingredients or use animal testing and we strive to share these values by making natural products affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.
Earth Friendly Baby has a product for almost any skincare occasion, whether it is bath, massage or nappy changing time – we have it covered.
With gentle baby-friendly scents like lavender, mandarin and chamomile, not only will your bundle of joy smell heavenly, they will also be prepared for the day or night ahead. Thanks to their soothing and calming qualities lavender and chamomile are the perfect choice for night-time use and energizing mandarin is ideal for morning use.

Bath time

This is such a special time for parents and often it’s when both mum and dad bond with baby together.  There is something rather magical about seeing your baby splash around in the water and we think that this experience can be made even more special with the right products.
Earth Friendly Baby Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar – this extra gentle cleansing bar has a light aroma of natural lavender and is perfect for your baby’s skin.  Relaxing lavender also promotes natural sleep.
Earth Friendly Baby Shampoo & Bodywash – this shampoo and bodywash has been formulated to be very gentle, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Designed to make bath time as easy as possible, the bottle features a disc-top cap, enabling you to have one hand free at all times. Available in three different aromas, you can pick the right one to fit your baby’s mood and routine.
Organic Chamomile – harnesses the power of natural botanicals to calm and soothe baby’s skin
Organic Lavender – promotes natural sleep and relaxation for baby, making this the perfect choice for use before bed
Organic Mandarin – the uplifting qualities of mandarin help to nourish and condition your baby’s hair and skin all while leaving baby feeling energized, making this the ideal selection for morning bath time
Earth Friendly Baby Bubble Bath – this rich bubble bath is made from an organic blend of natural botanicals for your baby’s sensitive skin. The bubbles help to leave your baby’s skin soft and smooth, ready for mum or dad to massage or dress.  Earth Friendly Baby Bubble Bath is available in Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender and Organic Mandarin.


Taking care of your baby’s skin is a job that requires serious consideration.  There is often row upon row of options in the supermarkets so Earth Friendly Baby aims to make the decision as straight forward for you as possible, with a range that is natural, organic, gentle on your baby’s skin and affordable.
Earth Friendly Baby Body Lotion – this all-over body lotion is so gentle it can even be used on baby’s face.  The lotion has been developed with your baby’s delicate skin in mind and helps to leave it feeling soft and supple, without using harsh chemicals.  Earth Friendly Baby Body Lotion is available in Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender and Organic Mandarin.
Earth Friendly Organic Calendula Daily Care Cream – this daily care cream with organic calendula extract is specially formulated to soothe sore skin, offering protection against wetness and irritation.  Perfect for use between nappy changes as a barrier cream, the ointment also boasts moisturising qualities.


Baby massage is a tool that is perfect for moisturising your baby’s skin, as well as helping to make them feel calm and relaxed. Earth Friendly Baby offers parents two differing massage oils which are perfect for those intimate moments with your little one.
Earth Friendly Baby Natural Unscented Massage Oil – this fragrance free, hypoallergenic oil contains shea butter and is ideal for nourishing and conditioning your baby’s skin in a friendly and natural manner.  The oil is an amalgamation of mild sunflower and sesame oils and doesn’t contain any artificial perfuming or colouring.
Earth Friendly Baby Organic Sunflower Massage Oil – this oil has been formulated using kukui nut oil which is a remedy that has traditionally been used to bath new born babies and also soothe burnt skin.  In addition the oil contains calendula and chamomile to nourish the skin, along with a sweet scent of rose.

Nappy changing

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Red Clover Diaper Care Cream – this formula has been developed to offer quick and effective relief from irritation.  The lotion harnesses the natural anti-inflammatory properties of red clover and the healing benefits of mineral zinc oxide.  To make life even easier for parents the cream is available in two handy sizes (43g and 113g) – one perfect for the changing mat, the other ideal for slotting into your baby bag for those on-the-go moments.
Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes – these thick and soft baby wipes are 100% biodegradable while being kind to your baby’s skin.  The material used in the wipes is derived from wood pulp making them also kind to the environment. The liquid solution contains soothing organic chamomile and organic calendula extract, both of which help to keep your baby’s skin fresh, soft and supple.
Earth Friendly Baby Eco Diaper Nappy Sacks – these 100% degradable nappy sacks are unfragranced and break down to leave no harmful residue.  The perforated roll has 50 handy sized bags with tie handles that make them a must-have, practical item.
So there you have it – if you look to make educated and informed decisions on your baby’s personal care products then look no further.  Earth Friendly Baby aims to put your baby’s needs first all while considering the planet!


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