• Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding

    Ankyloglossia (tongue tie), a congenital abnormality that can restrict the tongue’s movement, is relatively common. Approximately half of infants with ankyloglossia breastfeed without difficulty, however, it can cause poor latch and maternal nipple pain, cracked and bleeding.

  • Candidiasis In Breastfeeding Mothers Clinical Review: Breaking the Chain of Infection

    The diagnosis and management of nipple and breast candida in a breastfeeding dyad is difficult and often based on signs and symptoms. Undiagnosed nipple candida can result in ductal candida making it harder to diagnose and offer effective treatments. Candida requires early recognition and diagnosis as well as ensuring preventative measures are reaffirmed to breastfeeding mothers, their families and health professionals.

  • Delayed Cord Clamping Module Assessment

    After studying the Delayed Cord Clamping Module, complete the online assessment and review the resources provided.

  • Breastfeeding: Common Challenges and Solutions

    It’s an accepted fact that breast milk is best for babies, offering health benefits for both mother and baby that cannot be replicated synthetically. As Healthcare Professionals seeing mothers and babies everyday, it is important to understand the overall importance of breastfeeding and possess practical knowledge of how to help mothers solve some common breastfeeding challenges.