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Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum care by Lansinoh, backed by research and guidance from experts to help you feel like you again.

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The Lansinoh Difference

Over 35 years makingsafe, effective, and thoughtfully design products.

A mum-founded, mothers-first companysince the beginning.

Expert-backed advice amd support for every step of your journey.

Comfortable, easy, and conveniet

Intuitively designed pumps for your comfort

Comfortable pumps for every mum and every student.

Recovery Step 1 - Cleanse

Post Birth Wash Bottle for gentle,hygenic cleansing of sore, tender areas and to dilute urine for more comfortable bathroom trips.

Recovery Step 2 - Soothe

Organic Post Birth Relief Spray made with a unique, drug-free blend of organic ingredients to soothe and cool a sore, tender perineum. Dermatologically & gynechologically tested.

Recovery Step 3 - Relieve

Hot & Cold Post-Birth Relief Pad provides cooling pain relief from perineal, hemorrhoidal, and c-section discomfort and hot soothing relief from postpartum uterine cramping.
Freezer and microwave safe.

More TLC

From our Organic Massage Oil to Birth Relief Spray, we're got a full line of products designed to soothe and care for you.