Double Breast Pump Diaphragm Set

Double Breast Pump Diaphragm Set

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The accessories of the Double Electric Pump may be washed in the dishwasher, not the pump itself. The breast flange and bottle(s) may be cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher or hand washed with dish soap and hot water. All other parts of the breastmilk expression set should be hand washed to prevent loss and extend their usefulness.  To clean the breast pump base, wipe with a damp cloth, using only water or mild soap. 

Yes, it is recommended to sanitize the pump accessories prior to first use, and regularly as needed during usage. Disassemble all parts and boil for 5 minutes. DO NOT boil the tubing, tubing connector or the pump base. Please be sure that there is ample water in the pot so that no portion of the accessories touch the bottom or the sides of the pot as this could cause them to melt.  Remove all parts from the water immediately after boiling. Completely air dry before assembly or next use.

Yes, the Signature Pro®Double Electric Breast Pump is portable. It can be used with the A/C adapter, 6 AA batteries (not included), or the 9V car adapter (sold separately).  

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