Lansinoh Feeding Bottles Starter Kit NaturalWave® Teat

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Our baby bottle starter kit has been designed specifically for breastfeeding babies. Lansinoh’s NaturalWave teats are clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion as they encourage the same tongue movement babies use when feeding directly from breast.

Our feeding set contains slow, medium, and fast teats - perfect for babies that prefer different types of flow each time they feed.  


Lansinoh Feeding Bottles Starter Kit NaturalWave® Teat

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BPA Free
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Slow Flow

Lansinoh’s Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave® Teat has been specially designed so that your little one can enjoy your expressed breastmilk even when you’re apart. Based on more than 50 years of research, the NaturalWave® teat promotes your baby’s instinctive sucking action for natural oral development, which helps you switch easily between breast and bottle so that you can maintain your established breastfeeding patterns.

AVS System

The Air Ventilation System® reduces the amount of air swallowed, thereby reducing the onset of gas and the symptoms commonly associated with frequent colic in babies.

Slow Flow teat included.

Unique Design

Unique design with progressive tilt, promotes smooth peristaltic movement of the tongue.

Soft and Stretchy

The vertical ridges strengthen the structure of the nipple and allow it to resist crushing in the mouth.

Very Soft Pacifier

The wide, textured base of the nipple allows for easy grip and efficient suction.

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Are Lansinoh® bottles and nipples dishwasher safe? 

Lansinoh® bottles and NaturalWave® Nipples are dishwasher safe on the top rack only. However, to extend the life of the NaturalWave® Nipple, it is recommended to gently handwash.

What is the Air Ventilation System (AVS)? 

The Air Ventilation System reduces the intake of air, which is a potential cause of colic and spit up.

Can the bottles be warmed and heated in a microwave? 

No, it is NOT recommend heating breastmilk or any liquid for a baby or toddler in a microwave as the microwave can create hot spots and damage breastmilk nutrients. It is NOT recommend heating the bottle in the microwave in any form.

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