Pack of 8 NaturalWave® Teats

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The NaturalWave® Teat has been specifically designed so that baby can mimic the same tongue movement and move easily from breast to bottle and back again. As with all of our products in the Lansinoh range the NaturalWave® Teat has been created to enable mums to breastfeed for longer giving the freedom to express and feed breastmilk with a reduced risk of nipple confusion.


Pack of 8 NaturalWave® Teats

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BPA Free
Easy to Clean
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50 years of extensive research revealed that a baby's sucking style consists of 3 key steps: latching on, peristaltic tongue movement (wave like motion of the tongue) and swallowing. It also became apparent that a baby needed to be able to perform the peristaltic tongue movement in order to encourage natural oral and jaw development.

Lansinoh's NaturalWave® Teat is clinically proven to encourage this natural feeding pattern.

AVS System

The Air Ventilation System® reduces the amount of air swallowed, thereby reducing the onset of gas and the symptoms commonly associated with frequent colic in babies.

Different flow rates

The teat is available in size S (slow flow), size M (medium flow) or size L (fast flow).

Unique Design

Unique design with progressive tilt, promotes smooth peristaltic movement of the tongue.

Soft and Stretchy

The vertical ridges strengthen the structure of the nipple and allow it to resist crushing in the mouth.

Very Soft Pacifier

The wide, textured base of the nipple allows for easy grip and efficient suction.


Are Lansinoh® nipples dishwasher safe? 

Lansinoh® NaturalWave® Nipples are dishwasher safe on the top rack only. However, to extend the life of the NaturalWave® Nipple, it is recommended to gently handwash.

Can the Lansinoh® nipples be sanitized in boiling water?

Yes, the Lansinoh® NaturalWave® Nipples can be sanitized by boiling in water. Please be sure that there is ample water in the pot, so that no parts of the nipples touch the bottom or the sides of the pot, as this could cause them to melt.

There are slow, medium and fast flow nipples. Is there a way to tell them apart? 

On the bottom rim of the nipple, the slow-flow nipple reads “Size 2S”, the medium-flow reads “Size 3M” and the fast-flow reads “Size 4L”.

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